Shikoku University – Friday class only

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This is the audio course for my Friday class at 四国大学。

四国大学金曜 / Lesson 1
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 2
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 3
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 4
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 5
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 6
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 7
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 8
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 9
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 10
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 11
四国大学金曜 / Lesson 12

Course 2

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This is the second course I use in my university classes.

👆Course 2 / Lesson 1
👆Course 2 / Lesson 2
👆Course 2 / Lesson 3
👆Course 2 / Lesson 4
👆Course 2 / Lesson 5
👆Course 2 / Lesson 6
👆Course 2 / Lesson 7
👆Course 2 / Lesson 8
👆Course 2 / Lesson 9
👆Course 2 / Lesson 10
👆Course 2 / Lesson 11
👆Course 2 / Lesson 12
👆Course 2 / Lesson 13

Ice skating!

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One of my very favorite physical activities is ice skating, but I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. Having done quite a lot of work the last few days, I decided to use my soon-to-be-gone free time today to go up to Kagawa and get in a good session on the ice.

Now, I’m not a bad skater, but I’m also far from excellent, particularly since I’ve done almost no skating at all over the past three years or so. Happily, I learned, was taught by a friendly older skater, a new skill today, which made the drive doubly worthwhile.

If only Tokushima would have the courage to build a skate rink…


Masked man on ice

Lots of changes

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Well, we’re finally trying to tidy things up and make better use of the space we’ve got here on the page. I’ll be putting up the university audio courses as soon as I can (today, if possible!!), plus some more sharing options and a link to the second ebook on Kindle (hooray!). All of this points to a new phase in which I will be centering information about my work, projects, and life in Japan here on this website/blog. It’s probably about time, haha! At the very least, writing more consistently is never a bad thing to aspire to. Puzzle #1


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初めての方、こちらでパズルのやり方を確かめてください 🤗

Our first puzzle! 😄 英語力アップ!!!

PUZZLE: Four men like reading books.
What kind of books do they like to read? How many books do they read per year?

Names: Paul, Matt, Mark, Robert
Books read per year: 3, 6, 12, 24